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The entire process begins with a Brand Positioning Workshop (BPW) to determine the target audience, competitors, DOFA matrix, and overall strategy.

Then build the brand; Name, Brand Character, Logo, Roots, Brand Purpose, Reason WHY, and Brand Statement.

In the naming process, we search for a name, symbol, or icon that defines the goals in the positioning. We focus on value propositions, origin, kinship, image, essence, and identity.

How do we do it? – First build the brand, its essence, its values and attributes, the “Why” and “for What” of the brand. BPW contributes enormously to understand what the brand offers, its environment, and its competitors.

For what? – To make a name and a corporate image that must then be communicated, and positioned using the different marketing techniques and appropriate communication channels.


MARKETING activates buyers, BRANDING generates loyal consumers
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