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SEO & Marketing Platforms – Setup Fees 

We have a promotional fee for a limited time only! it includes the following:

Google & Bing:

  1. SEO improvement (Web Performance, Best Practices, Page Quality & Structure Optimization).
  2. Website ownership verification with Search Console, Sitemaps, and web indexation.
  3. Web events tags, conversions, and audience list creation with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and the integration with Google Ads.


  1. Meta Business Suite configuration (Users, Pages, Ad account, Instagram and WhatsApp account integration).
  2. Data Sources (Pixels, Catalogs, Event Manager) and Commerce Manager setup.
  3. Web Events setup, Audiences creation.

Ask for our monthly fees so that we can configure your ads on Google, Meta, and other Social Media platforms, also, we offer Content Marketing and Online Reputation Management. Contact Us Today!

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